Provided by Billy Harless
Bowie Boys and Girls Club
Bowie, MD

In order to build strength endurance along with cardiovascular endurance for our youth wrestling team we have developed a Non-weight circuit training drill. This drill has been utilized with older kids and adults in the weight room, however, for kids under the age of 12 or 13 who probably should not be on a weight training program yet, this drill is perfect:

Set up about 6 - 10 stations in your wrestling room with 2 -4 wrestlers at each station. An example of the stations is below -

Station ONE - Squat Thrusts
Station TWO - Push-ups
Station Three - Line jumping
Station Four - Shuttle runs
Station Five - Wall Chairs
Station Six - Situps
Station Seven - Jumping Jacks
.... etc.

Put a group at each station having them run in place until the whistle blows. When the coach blows the whistle have them commence the exercise at their station. Go 20 seconds and blow the whistle, which is the command to move to the next station (have them run in place in between stations), blow the whistle again and go 20 seconds. After everyone has gone through the circuit once, put them through it again for 40 seconds at each station. Continue putting the team through the circuit increasing by 20 seconds each time the circuit starts again until they can't continue and have exhausted themselves.

This drill can be modified to meet the needs of any particular team. It is intended to build muscular strength and endurance in addition to aerobic conditioning, neuromuscular coordination and flexibility. The concept of circuit training has been around since 1953 when it was first developed at the University of Leeds in England. High School and College wrestling teams utilize it in the weight room all the time, however, our youth coaches are normally are not familiar with circuit training or are not aware that it can be utilized without weights.

The type of stations used is limited to your own imagination and experience.

Good Luck

Billy Harless
Head Coach BBGC Wrestling
USCG Health & Fitness Instructor